Loading is My Middle Name 

This is not sponsored post and not sponsored picture.

​Sometimes I forgot how to breath. 

And when I realize, I still thinking how to breath.

It’s always takes time to catch a breath 😅

I need like, 5-10 minutes to breath properly.
And this problem is continued in a day like….crazy! 

Sometimes this is happened when I sleep. And I started to panicked. 

Have you ever experienced the same thing?

Tell me your story and what to do 🤔
Oh FYI, this problem is not always happen in a year. But, when it’s happening, it’s very annoying. 👻👻


6 thoughts on “Loading is My Middle Name 

  1. guaaah guaaah lolaa alias loading lama gegara hamil hiks.. sumpe deh kudu fokus berat apalagi kl lagi kerja… sampe2 kl temen ngomong ga denger saking fokeusnya.. 😀

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